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At Dr Elman’s clinics we make your dreams come true. Big and small dreams. Every aesthetic treatment is performed in the best manner possible and with the most advanced technology in the field. Sometimes, it is enough to create a small change in the body to induce a great change in your life. We are here to assist you in this.
Despite the fact that aesthetic medicine focuses largely on issues which are not medical by nature, the approach in our clinics is that of medicine for its own kind, highly professional, supervised and unbiased. The treatment is performed in collaboration of the doctor with the patient, in order to achieve the highest degree of
satisfaction with the final result.

The network of clinics employs dozens of highly qualified professionals, among them – doctors, nurses, carers and administrative staff, who will accompany you for the duration of the treatment and also following its completion. They provide our patients with a sense of safety and support. We also offer something beyond

professionalism – a personalised service, in an elegant and pleasant atmosphere.

Dr. Elman and her staff have declared excellency to be their motto, as well as succeeding in complex treatments as well as in simple ones. They are willing to help their patients to feel more complete and happy as a result of achieving their dream looks.

During the decades of the clinics work, thousands of satisfied customers have passed through our clinics and returned for more. They are our representatives and a walking advertisement, the best we could ever have.

The network of clinics “Dr Elman” offers a wide variety of treatments in all fields of aesthetic medicine and dermatological surgery, addressing issues of the skin texture and colour. For example: wrinkles smoothing and filling, skin spots removal, tattoo removal (excision or laser); birthmark, lesions and benign skin tumours

removal in surgical procedures; hair removal; treating dilated blood vessels, acne and post-acne scarring; skin tightening and treating cellulite; composite cosmetic treatments.

Our clinics have the right knowledge, experience and a wide variety of technological options of the newest and most advanced kind, addressing all of the above issues. This allows us to have the necessary manoeuvre space to provide the right treatment, addressing the needs and achieving the best results.

Every device we have works in its own rhythm and with its own unique technology. The advantage of it is that we can adapt them to every patient’s needs, their hair and skin.

What is most suitable for me? The professional staff who performs the treatments, will determine that individually for each patient.