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Injections and fillings in the cheeks area

Over the years, your facial skin loses its youthful appearance and the cheeks take on a sagging, sunken look, full... Read More
העלמת קמטים

Filling and eliminating facial wrinkles

You have decided that you want to improve the appearance of your skin and eliminate those annoying wrinkles which make... Read More
פילינג בפנים

A charming mole or a warning signal? All you need to know about skin moles.

Known also as “beauty marks”, occasionally these beauties can become a life threatening danger. Color, tone, margins and location –... Read More
אקנה וצלקות

Acne – the eleventh plague

Let’s call it as it is. Acne is the worst nightmare of every teenager. It is not enough that the... Read More
אקנה וצלקות

Acne treatment – it’s all about cleaning

Puberty brings radical changes in all aspects of life. The body shape changes, hormones are frenzied and the worst of... Read More
הרמת פנים עם חוטים

Deep peeling – deep renewal for the skin

Deep peeling is a process of peeling the surface layer of the skin, the goal of which is removal of... Read More

Dermatology on behalf of aesthetics- we get your face to light up

An article in a series of articles published in Ha’aretz newspaper – February 2008 Written by: Mickey Greenfeld Your body... Read More
מילוי קמטים בפנים

Filling wrinkles on the sides of the mouth and eyes

Many everyday activities cause our bodies to change their shape and appearance. The facial skin, for example, is heavily influenced... Read More
טיפול פנים

Flawless: Everything you wanted to know about eliminating skin spots and pigmentation

Many women invest effort, time and money to clear their facial skin and make pregnancy spots, age spots, freckles and... Read More
החלקת צלוליט בעזרת LPG

How to you get rid of cellulite?

No matter how hard you work in the gym, there are some things that just won’t go away by themselves.... Read More
טיפול אסטתי

It takes a real man to have a facial

An article in a series of articles published in Ha’aretz newspaper – May, 2008 Written by: Mickey Greenfeld As soon... Read More

Medium peeling – uses and advantages

Medium peels are more superficial than deep peels, yet they are most effective for the dilated blood vessels in such... Read More
הרמת פנים עם חוטים

Neck and Bust-front treatment

The neck and the upper chest are areas exposed to the ravages of time, weather and age. Types of treatable... Read More
רפואת עור

Sun Damage

What is a healthy tan and is there such a thing? The inhabitants of our Earth are panicking because of... Read More

Tattoos removal What’s good for Angelina Jolie…

Is the name of your ex on your shoulder not relevant anymore? The symbol you have engraved on your arm... Read More
קליר ליפט Clear Lift

The wrinkles and everything in between

An article in a series of articles published in Ha’aretz newspaper – April, 2008 Written by: Mickey Greenfeld Inside your... Read More
העלמת קמטים

Thickening and enlarging the lips

The older we get, the more we feel that our skin is worn out and aged. The reasons for this... Read More

What are you facing? Treating expression lines

The aging process of the skin begins around the age of 25, and over the years is manifested through wrinkles... Read More
טיפולי פנים

What is a light peeling?

As the name suggests, the peeling is light and superficial and is intended to provide your skin with vitality. It... Read More