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Acne – the eleventh plague

Let’s call it as it is. Acne is the worst nightmare of every teenager. It is not enough that the entire body changes and the hormones are running wild, poor kids are supposed to deal with this nightmare as well. With today’s advanced technology, it is finally possible to put an end to the development of pimples. And what about the parts of the face that have already been damaged? Technology provides a solution for this as well.
Tal, a beautiful 17 year old girl, came into the clinic with her mother. Her face and neck were covered with acne that had not yet finished developing. Her sad eyes told the whole story.
Her mother came in with her to the counseling session. Ella, 48 years of age, could tell us in the first person about the nightmare her daughter has been living with. Her face told a similar story. Small deep scars were left on her cheeks as a result of the acne from which she had suffered.
What is acne?
Acne is an inflammatory disease the skin’s sebaceous glands going overactive and being blocked by dirt, causing small festering pimples, which can occur in the face, neck and back. The main reasons for this are overactive male sex hormones (even in women), heredity, nutrition, weather and stress. The levels of severity vary.
The stages of acne treatment
There is a very large range of treatments starting from external treatment with various ointments to the use of the technology known as phototherapy treatment. This treatment is done by using a line of blue light, projected on the affected area, creating a phototoxic process that destroys the acne bacteria. The encounter between the substance secreted by the acne bacterium and the light sets of apoptosis – cell death, in a process that kills the invading bacteria.
After approximately 10 non-invasive painless treatments, with the duration of each treatment being about twenty minutes, Tal achieved a less inflamed and more healed facial skin. The treatment, which also boosts the immune system, helps the skin to become healthier.
Soft peeling causes controlled regeneration of the skin, while stimulating collagen production to prevent scarring. Since the scar is in the stages of formation, it is still possible to stop the process and at the same time take care of existing spots. The result: “A smoother complexion”, Dr. Elman explained.
The treatment is performed with a special device, in a rotation of five treatments, once a month for each treatment. This treatment also does not require staying at home to heal.
After eight months of repeated treatments Tal’s skin returned to being beautiful and radiant.
And what about her mother Ella?
After completing the skin healing and restoration process with her daughter, it was decided to perform a skin renewal peeling for the mother, combined with advanced technologies. This is a series of five treatments 2 – 4 weeks apart, carried out with technology based on light and heat in laser / light / radio frequency methods. Those methods are capable of stimulating the production of collagen at the base of the skin and in the vicinity of the scar, thus causing the scars to flatten.
Acne scars created during adolescence are deep and do not just disappear, but as a result of acne treatment there is a significant improvement and the scars appear softer. At end of the treatment, and to complete the appearance, filler injections were performed for particularly deep scars.
At Dr. Elman’s Clinics, you get the best solution for your problem. The combination of technology and a skilled staff who knows how to use it, brings you to your goal – a face clear of acne.
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