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Acne treatment – it’s all about cleaning

Puberty brings radical changes in all aspects of life. The body shape changes, hormones are frenzied and the worst of all -acne ruins your appearance. What is the best way to beat it?
What is acne?
Acne is a skin infection of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, which manifests as pimples, especially during puberty (13-21). Although acne also appears in some adults, it’s mostly known as a teen condition.
Acne appears in 80% of adolescents, but varies in extent and severity from person to person due to reasons such as heredity, diet and environment.
Statistically, the phenomenon lasts longer among women. Acne lesions (pustular in some cases), are the result of an inflammation caused by the sebaceous glands in the pores being blocked by dust, dirt and dead skin cells.
Different types of acne
There are several levels of acne severity: the least severe manifests as enhanced greasiness of the skin, several lesions, black spots and white spots (open comedones). The treatment given in this situation is intended to reduce the level of sebum in the skin and to open the sebaceous glands by rinsing with an appropriate soap, and cleaning the comedones with a very light peeling.
The next two levels of acne manifest in a higher number of lesions as well as a more acute inflammation. The result is obvious: lesions with a white – yellowish pustular head and greater redness around the lesion. In this case too, the treatment consists of hygiene and often necessitates antibiotic medication.
The fourth level is the most severe and requires the intervention of a skin specialist.
What are the rules for treating acne in teenagers?
Although the condition tends to eventually pass, it is very important to follow several rules that prevent the situation from getting worse.
The first rule is to keep the facial skin clean by washing the face daily with a special soap intended to treat acne. Make sure not to wash your face too many times a day (twice is definitely enough), to avoid excessive drying of the skin and worsening of the condition.
The second rule is to maintain a healthy fat reduced diet, and avoid eating sweets as much as possible.
The third rule is to make sure to remove the accumulation of dirt and dead cells from the pores on the skin – by way of facials. Professional treatment assists in deep and more fundamental cleansing – which removes the accumulation of dirt that is not removed in the daily rinsing of the face.
In addition, facials allow for safe removal of the existing pimples. As is known, removal of “black heads” without experience and by domestic means may cause unnecessary scarring on the skin.