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Deep peeling – deep renewal for the skin

Deep peeling is a process of peeling the surface layer of the skin, the goal of which is removal of most lesions and the fine wrinkles from the damaged area, where new connective tissue and new skin cells are formed, which then grow to replace all the damaged tissue. Deep peeling can be performed using laser devices and/or using chemical agents such as phenol or TCA (trichloroacetic acid).
This type of treatment is particularly suitable for people who have deep wrinkles or areas of scarring. The recovery time after deep peeling is up to one month. Most deep peeling treatments are performed on the face, however, they can be performed in other areas.

Deep facial peeling – how does it work?
Deep peeling is intended to penetrate to the middle layer of the skin, and for this purpose a controlled burn is created. Chemical peel is performed by means of using chemical agents containing either TCA in high concentration or phenol. Due to the strength of the materials used, heart monitoring should be performed during the treatment. If the treatment is performed by laser, the beam power used is relatively strong and the treatment requires the use of general anesthesia.
Deep peeling – recovery time and the process after the treatment
At the end of a deep peeling treatment a deep burn is expected to remain on the facial skin for approximately one week. This is followed by reddening of the skin and the beginnings of a peeling process. In deep peeling the recovery may take up to one month. The color of the skin may stay reddish for several months after the treatment, but this may be covered by wearing makeup. During the recovery process it is recommended to apply alcohol free moisturizing lotion, in order to soothe the facial skin.

Whom is this treatment intended for?
Deep facial peeling treatments are intended mostly for patients with very deep wrinkles. Therefore, it is recommended to consult an expert in order to determine if deep peeling is in fact necessary, since in certain cases medium peeling or light superficial peeling will provide a satisfactory solution which involves less adverse effects.

What are the advantages of deep peeling?
It is time to reap the fruit of your investment! Deep peeling is known as the most effective treatment of all other peeling treatments. It is known to have lasting results in comparison to other skin renewal treatments. For those who suffer from severe pigmentation, deep wrinkles, acne scars or skin damaged by overexposure to sunlight, deep peeling will significantly improve the look and feel of their skin.