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What are you facing? Treating expression lines

The aging process of the skin begins around the age of 25, and over the years is manifested through wrinkles on our faces. The wrinkles fall into two main categories: The first type are the expression and laughter lines caused by expressions such as anger, laughter or amazement, which activate the muscles of the face.
The second type are the gravity wrinkles generated by weakening of the fibers responsible for skin elasticity, which, among other things, causes the facial skin to droop downwards. In recent years, treatments of expression lines have become very common, and we will discuss this further below.
Wrinkle treatment: Filling the space
Such facial treatments are designed for filling facial expression lines at the bottom part of the face. While in the past, non-biodegradable fillers such as silicon were used, today the treatment is much safer thanks to the use of naturally based fillers.
This is a natural compound found in the body, so its introduction in the body over time is absolutely safe. The substance injected into the wrinkle is actually a sugar compound synthetically produced in a laboratory. How does it work?
This compound attracts water molecules, which fill volume in the indented area. The higher the density level of the compound is, the deeper the wrinkles are that it can fill. The compound is injected under local anesthesia to the middle layer of the skin (dermis) in a procedure that takes about half an hour at most.
Although the common opinion attributes elimination of wrinkles to these treatments, the result obtained at the end of the treatment does not eliminate the crease, but gives it a softer look due to the filling of the expression lines.
The big advantage of using crossed acid as a wrinkle filler is fewer side effects. These substances do not trigger an allergic reaction and if redness or bruising appear, they pass quickly. Take into account that the treatment lasts for a year and a half at most, during which the compound is absorbed into the skin.
Natural toxin injections to paralyze the mimic muscles
The battle against facial wrinkles is largely made possible by the use of a neurotoxin injected into the skin in small doses (and therefore is not harmful when used correctly by skin specialists). The substance is responsible for the weakening of facial muscles that cause expression lines. Injecting the substance to the facial area has very few side effects as well, and provides immediate results; it is important to note that this treatment is only administered to the upper part of the face.