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Filling wrinkles on the sides of the mouth and eyes

Many everyday activities cause our bodies to change their shape and appearance. The facial skin, for example, is heavily influenced by our moods – tears, laughter and facial expressions, stemming from various emotions, form different expression lines on the sides of the mouth. Similarly, the structure of the eyes and eyelids is composed of several layers, which are driven by muscles. The task placed by nature upon our eyelid muscles is almost relentless – opening and closing the eyelids and the blinking movements occur every few seconds.
Over the years, these actions cause erosion of the skin around the eyes, which make you look old, worn out and tired. Usually we tend to think of menopause as a time when wrinkled and tired facial skin appears, but the phenomenon begins as early as our twenties and thirties.
Wrinkle removal treatments on the sides of the mouth and eyes
Despite the fact that this is a natural process and an integral part of our life cycle, many of us wish to enjoy the look of a young and smooth skin for many years. Thanks to the wonders of technology and advanced medicine, it is certainly possible to treat and refine wrinkles. Today, methods are divided into two main types of treatment: treatment with injections and treatments with laser.
The various treatment types for eliminating and filling wrinkles around the mouth, lips and eyes
Wrinkles around the mouth are treated with the injection of fillers. Most fillers are based on polysaccharide acid. This material exists naturally in the body, and is therefore considered safe with minimal side effects. This is a biodegradable substance, so it is necessary to repeat the treatment periodically.
Another method for eliminating wrinkles is by laser beams. Many clinics choose to adopt this method, and to offer their clients a quick and effective treatment, which allows for an immediate return to normal routine.
Dr. Elman Clinics – Professional treatments for eliminating expression lines
Dr. Elman’s chain of clinics specializes in a variety of aesthetic treatments, including treatment of wrinkles, spots removal, hair removal, acne treatment and more. The clinic personnel is comprised of highly skilled medical staff, including aesthetic therapists, nurses and doctors. The entire staff, with Dr. Monica Elman at its head, first and foremost considers the best interests of the client, and provides ethical, professional and courteous medical care.
A gracious staff of skilled and professional experts is waiting for you in the clinics to provide you with the most quality medical services. The treatments are personally customized for each and every client, while considering his or her physical condition and medical history.