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Flawless: Everything you wanted to know about eliminating skin spots and pigmentation

Many women invest effort, time and money to clear their facial skin and make pregnancy spots, age spots, freckles and the spots resulting from over exposure to the sun disappear. We’ve got some good news: these efforts can be successful when using a line of novel treatment methodologies.
Skin spots – why do they appear?
The appearance of skin spots is in fact a consequence of our body attempting to defend itself. When we are exposed to the sun, a compound called melanin is excreted in our skin to protect it from the harmful UV-radiation. When the dispersion of melanin is not symmetrical, we get darker and lighter spots in various areas, such as spots in the facial skin, instead of a uniform and beautiful tan, when other places remain free of spots.
Hormones also play a central role in melanin production, therefore taking contraceptive pills or going through pregnancy and childbirth may strengthen facial pigmentation.
Another type is age spots, which occur as result of hormonal changes in the body during the natural aging process. While freckles are a congenital pigmentation which usually has genetic disposition, the freckled among us will find out, sooner or later, how these become brown spots following direct and extended exposure to sunlight.
Additional reasons for pigmentation in the face may be related to insufficient vitamins and poor diet, acne or taking specific medications.
Making facial skin spots disappear: Can we do it at home?
The lucky ones among us, those with light skin and light spots, may find home care remedies such as lemon, parsley and yogurt masks sufficient. If these don’t help, at least they cause no damage. You can also buy various creams and ointments to clarify skin spots. These are based on compounds which reduce the activity of melanin – the compound found in the cells that cause the dark pigmentation to appear.
Now we can take out the heavy artillery: How to treat severe pigmentation?
There are situations in which the home remedies are much less effective. In these cases peeling treatments can be used, which are intended to handle the problem effectively. Of course, by nature, the manner of treatment depends on how deep the facial pigmentation is. If the pigmentation is superficial and only presents in the epidermis layer – the treatment can be done with ointments, lotions and creams and gently acting acids.
Deep accumulation of melanin in the dermis layers, on the other hand, requires a much deeper treatment – using laser, light flashes and controlled peeling using various strong acids in a variety of concentrations.
Perhaps it’s best to leave spots alone?
Novel aesthetic treatments allow for a variety of facial skin spots to be treated, even the most severe cases. There are a lot of treatment options and the results are quite good. Of course, in addition to treating your skin spots you should avoid the factors that caused them in the first place. After all, we do not want them to reappear, do we?
Treating pigmentation spots at the Elman Clinics Network
Regardless of what your treatment method of choice is, it is important to choose the treatment providers who are the best experts for the specific type of treatment. So, when you arrive for a consultation meeting at the Elman’s Clinics Network, you can rest assured you have reached the safest and most professional hands.
Our team of experts will discuss the options with you, explain the various treatment options and match you with the best treatment for your complexion, based on the medical criteria and the relevant highlights you’ve provided.