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How to you get rid of cellulite?

No matter how hard you work in the gym, there are some things that just won’t go away by themselves. Are you familiar with the “orange peel” – the phenomenon of cellulite on your thighs, arms and stomach? It turns out there is something to do about this…
Cellulite and cellulitis – are not the same
First let’s start by shattering a common myth. Many treat cellulite and cellulitis as if they are the same phenomenon, although these are two different things.
Cellulitis is a severe inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue, caused by bacteria that penetrates the skin layer and causes infection, manifested in swelling, pain and redness in the area. The infected area grows if the inflammation remains untreated. Cellulitis is treated with antibiotics, and is usually a rare outcome of some kind of injury.
Cellulite however, is a common and familiar phenomenon – the accumulation of fat cells in subcutaneous tissue that causes the skin to look like an orange peel. This is a very common phenomenon that appears in men and women, both lean and overweight. Even young people are prone to it, but less so.
Cellulite – what does it happen and how to treat it?
Actually, science has not yet given a clear answer to the underlying causes of cellulite formation. However, we do know for certain what cellulite causes:
The fatty tissue under the skin is attached to the skin by collagen fibers – but when these are broken, the fat accumulates unevenly. The reasons for the breakdown are speculative, causing researchers to blame our genes and the lifestyles we lead – which includes, among other things, frequent diets, repeated weight gain and lack of fluids.
As in various fields of aesthetics (facials for example), methods of treatment are varied – ranging from weight loss (which sometimes only exacerbates the situation), through special massages (e.g. lymphatic massage which is explained below), creams and even surgery. Treatment of cellulite is intended mainly for women over the age of 30, whose skin begins to lose its elasticity.
LPG – Body shaping with a lymphatic massage
The cellulite treatment method LPG is based on a device designed to drain fluids from the muscle tissue and thus reduce the swelling. Deep subcutaneous massage achieves an effect that no human hand can reach – mobilization of intracellular fluid through our lymphatic system – and from there to the blood. The result is a reduction in the volume of cellulite in the treated areas.
Of course, as part of a more holistic treatment – the patient is asked to maintain a reduced calorie diet and to exercise to achieve optimum results.
For an even better result, you may combine a radio wave and vacuum with the treatment. The device heats the area with an RF technology before the treatment and only later the massage is performed. Now you know it too: body shaping is not just about diet …