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Injections and fillings in the cheeks area

Over the years, your facial skin loses its youthful appearance and the cheeks take on a sagging, sunken look, full of wrinkles. Beyond the effects of aging, hormonal and physical changes (losing weight, dental treatments, giving birth or getting ill), may affect the looks of your cheeks.
What is important to know about injections to the cheeks area?
Unlike what some may think, we do not use the same material to smooth expression lines as a filler for the cheeks or the lips. Cheekbone filling may be performed using injection of fillers based on cross linked hyaluronic acid. Besides filling wrinkles, these injections can improve the way you look and your face may be practically “sculptured”; volumes can be changed, spaces such as the cheekbones filled.
Cross linked hyaluronic acid can be found naturally in our body, therefore it is considered safe and it cannot produce acute or allergic reactions. We should note that the injection doses and the number of injections changes from one person to another, therefore, it is important to choose a specialist who has lots of experience in filler injections. The treatment your receive will be custom tailored to your facial skin and its condition.
Dr. Elman’s Clinics Network – cheek bones filling and cosmetic treatments
Dr. Elman’s Clinics Network, headed by Dr. Monica Elman, specializes in a variety of aesthetic treatments, wrinkles filling, line smoothing injections, hair removal, acne and skin spots treatments, and other cosmetic treatments.
The staff is comprised of skilled caregivers, doctors and nurses, as well as consulting and hosting staff members who will be happy to meet you, and match a high quality professional treatment for you. The entire range of the various treatments is performed using new equipment, in a full range of technologies, so the nature of the treatment can be flexible, custom tailored for each patient.