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Dermatology on behalf of aesthetics- we get your face to light up

An article in a series of articles published in Ha’aretz newspaper – February 2008
Written by: Mickey Greenfeld
Your body is your temple. It seems like after a few decades your life requires more than just a balanced diet and a controlled fitness regime. New and advanced technology that has been made available through the beauty industry, was developed in the framework of high-tech world in order to help you maintain your beauty long-term.
We are all willing to do a lot to feel and look younger and healthier. That feeling keeps us feeling light, makes our face look radiant, and even troubles, if there are any, are dwarfed by the wonder of that sensation.
The beauty and cosmetics industry, which has been keeping humanity busy since the days of the Pharaohs, is closer than ever to busting the myth of “forever young” and turning it into a realistic option. The great developments in this area that came about during the last half a century help preserve youth, delay age-related changes in our bodies, improve the quality of life and restore confidence. The prices are quite reasonable, as well.
Skin renewal peeling – what new treatments are available? What technology is being used? What is appropriate for which age and what questions should you ask in your initial aesthetic counseling session? We will answer all these questions and more, in a series of articles where we get a professional opinion from the renowned dermatologist, Dr. Monica Elman. Her vast experience and competence have been known in the world of dermatology and aesthetic medicine for two decades, and now she is the owner of Dr. Elman Clinics – Aesthetic Clinics.
Aesthetic dermatology refers to studying the risk factors that affect the skin and the manner of treatment of skin damage in all its aspects. Hormonal changes, aging, sun exposure, stress, metabolic changes, and genetic problems are some of the hazards. In many cases, the treatment will be performed in a few stages. Treatment often starts at the top of the face and only after days or weeks will continue to the bottom.
In the absence of a treatment suitable for everyone, and when there is strong need for aesthetic change, which is definitely also an emotional need, it is important to adjust and change the treatment according to personal and professional standards only.
If an important event is coming up, you should consult a the doctor few months in advance, share your desires and dilemmas with your immediate family, get reliable and complete information about the treatment, and to make an informed decision with proper planning in the view of your timing and expectations. Close, personal guidance of the doctor and his team, is an essential and integral part of the success.
Sequence of Treatments
Aesthetic treatments are usually sequential. To reach the desired results, different techniques and methods should be used. It is important to take into account the fact that there is an element of anxiety for all patients prior to and during treatment; this is something to deal with, as well as needing patience.
A successful aesthetic treatment is limited in time. It may be preserved well and look good for as long as 5 years, but it may also be that after a few months, it will be necessary to repeat the treatment. The magic word in aesthetic treatment is – preservative treatment. That means that following the success of the treatment, it should be repeated, and the results should be emphasized and preserved with additional treatments.
Therefore, it is important to make the decision after expressing all doubts, and asking all questions, and when you have a strong sense of success and confidence, then you may go through with the treatment. This definitely helps.
Aesthetic treatment in the clinic
Dr. Elman’s Clinics are renowned thanks to groundbreaking research of aesthetic treatments. The studies carried out so far have dealt with facial peeling, laser hair removal, blue light acne treatments and treatments with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), in collaboration with Israeli and foreign researchers. These studies led Dr. Elman’s clinics to be accepted as a test site for the FDA (the American Food and Drug Administration) four times. This valuable reputation, together with a team of dedicated, quality caretakers, accompanies many satisfied customers who have enjoyed the great variety of treatments.