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Medium peeling – uses and advantages

Medium peels are more superficial than deep peels, yet they are most effective for the dilated blood vessels in such areas as the face and the chest, for spots and little fine wrinkles. Performed very effectively by Intense Pulsed Light devices (IPL), as well as by various acids. Healing time following medium peeling is about one week.
The process emphasizes solving the problem of the small dilated blood vessels in the areas of the face and the chest, removing spots and smoothing out fine wrinkles. Compared to superficial peeling, medium peeling is intended to remove pigmentation spots and to blur fine lines. It is done using chemicals such as TCA acid and phenol, or alternately – with IPL.

Medium peels – how does it work?
Similarly to the other types of peels, mentioned above, medium peeling also creates a burn in the skin, which is accompanied by redness and peeling skin. The level of the skin burn is less severe than the burn caused by deep peeling and more severe than the burn caused by superficial peeling. There are a number of ways this treatment can be done. One is using chemical agents, and another is using light flashing devices (IPL) at a relatively low intensity.
The use of chemical includes applying TCA acid (Trichloroacetic acid) on the skin in a concentration not over 70%. The depth of the peeling is determined by the concentration of the agent and the intensity of its application to the skin, as well as the number of applications. Another way to perform medium peeling is by using phenol, similarly to deep peeling. The use of phenol is at a very low concentration and in a controlled manner, in order not to create a reaction in the skin which may be equal in its intensity to deep peeling.
What happens after the treatment?
It is recommended to avoid exposure of the treated skin to direct sunlight following a medium peeling, as long as the skin is still hyperemic (reddened). Recovery period is approximately one week long, during which the skin will appear red and sore, then the skin is expected to start peeling. During the first 6 weeks after the treatment you must avoid exposure to the sun, and be meticulous about using sun blocking creams.

Whom is this treatment intended for?

Medium peeling is mainly intended for rejuvenation skin damaged by extended exposure to sunlight. This treatment is mainly recommended for people ages 40 or older, when the accumulated sun radiation damage is visible.

What are the advantages of the treatment?
Medium peeling does not require hospitalization or any special precautions (as does deep peeling). Unlike superficial peeling, medium peeling brings fast results, which do not require repeating for the next several years. In this manner medium peeling allows you to benefit from both worlds: A fairly easy treatment as well as long-term results.