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Neck and Bust-front treatment

The neck and the upper chest are areas exposed to the ravages of time, weather and age.
Types of treatable damages
• Spots in different shades of brown and pigmentation (especially on the front of the chest), resulting from multiple spots caused by the sun, wear and tear of the tissue and freckles.
• Moles – moles in different sizes and different texture.
• Excessive skin and small warts – itchy skin lesions, that get caught in clothing and constitute an aesthetic flaw.
• Hemangiomas – specific expansion of small red blood vessels.
The suggested treatments
Photo Rejuvenation – controlled and gentle exfoliation, performed using laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), which does not require a stay at home recovery time. The purpose of the treatment: obscuring the spots, skin rejuvenation, making capillary blood vessels disappear, and collagen tissue enhancement. This treatment is suitable for brown spots, expansion of capillary blood vessels, skin discoloration and multiple freckles. Treatment is a series of five sessions, performed once a month. Suitable for both men and women, especially those exposed to radiation years ago and who want to improve the appearance of the neck and upper chest.
Mole removal – diagnosing and identifying the lesion is of great importance with respect to the question of pre-cancerous lesion. Sometimes the lesions are at the level of a non malignant localized change, but still are a nuisance and can develop into cancerous tumors over time, so it is advisable to remove them. Moles in shaving areas or in areas of friction such as bra or a belt – should be checked frequently. Treatment involves surgical resection with complementary aesthetic treatment with laser technology.
Excessive skin and small warts – As part of the maturation of the tissue, we suffer from changes in the skin, especially in the neck, expressed in the appearance of lesions, which are a nuisance. This excessive issue is treatable by burning. After the treatment, a wound is formed, which later becomes a scab. After about a week the place heals. The treatments are performed in the clinic.
Hemangiomas – in the case of localized expansion of small blood vessels, burning is performed by a special laser.
The treatments do not require any special preparation.
Lymphatic massage – LPG – Treatments for making wrinkles in the neck and cleavage disappear, which combines, simultaneously, computerized vibration technology with a massage. This treatment causes firming of the tissue and allows the restoration of the skin, by causing metabolic improvement of blood flow.
The recommendation is a series of 15 treatments, performed once or twice a week by a professional caregiver and a special machine.
Neck injections and other ways of filling wrinkles
Materials for obscuring and smoothing wrinkles – natural toxin can be injected to the neck and chest wrinkles in small quantities, which cause improvement of the skin texture. Injection of a filler to the neck is carried out in several locations, using a very fine needle. The duration of the treatment – several minutes. The substance is active for 3 – 4 months.
Gel for filling and adding volume – injection of a crossed antioxidant to areas like the neck and chest is an innovation on the global scale. The substance is not intended for filling wrinkles in the neck and chest, but rather firming the skin and causing a significant improvement in texture, since it is an integral part of a natural connective tissue. In these areas of the body, the substance is intended for injection in small doses. 2 to 3 injections should be administrated four weeks apart. In addition to the neck and cleavage, this substance is also intended for the cheeks.
Fotofacial ®- exfoliation by RF energy combined with IPL. In the process of skin rejuvenation, the use of two different energies, from two heat sources, enables an improvement of the skin texture by building collagen and obscuring tiny wrinkles above the lip and around the eyes.
Suitable for the neck, cleavage and face. It takes around 4 – 5 treatments on average, performed once a month. It does not require a stay at home recovery time.
Neck and face peeling – what is it all about?
There are several methods for peeling, for example, peeling performed using laser, or chemical peeling. These treatments can be administered at different levels from light to deep. All methods have the same goal – causing renewal of skin cells and thereby giving it a more even, smoother and healthier look. The choice of treatment method is determined based on the characteristics of the patient’s skin and the desired goal.
Often, the treatment is most effective in conjunction with a variety of additional treatment methods – for that matter, it is possible to combine facial exfoliation by different technologies, laser alongside IPL treatment, or a device based on radio waves and in this case acting to firm up the skin.
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