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It takes a real man to have a facial

An article in a series of articles published in Ha’aretz newspaper – May, 2008
Written by: Mickey Greenfeld
As soon as the male species discovered the wonders of skin aesthetics technologies, their interest was no longer concentrated on targeted hair removal or tattoo removal. The overwhelming demand is to restore facial skin freshness along with the desire to feel good and look good. Dr. Monica Elman explains about facials for men, as well as about filling and smoothing of wrinkles treatments.
The desire to look young and fresh is not possessed solely by women. It seems apparent that the number of applicants for aesthetic skin treatments are mostly women, but this is not entirely true. The number of men who turn to different aesthetic treatments is ever growing and nearing that of the opposite sex.
Moshe, 57, had decided to visit Dr. Elman Clinics with his wife Dina 55. The requests were quite similar: Improving the appearance of skin on the face and back of the hands, and eliminating expression lines on the sides of the face and between the eyebrows. In this article, we will focus on Moshe.
The first step is counseling, which is done in front of the mirror, so the patient can see for himself what needs to be done. During the initial meeting we discuss what can be treated, how the treatment is going to help and whether complementary surgical intervention is required. Dr. Elman explains what the treatment options are and a decision is made immediately. The purpose of the conversation: full coordination of expectations between Dr. Elman and the client.
At first, the veteran financial consultant found it weird sitting in front of Dr. Elman’s mirror and discussing with her what should be improved and where. After minutes of keeping silent, he became devoted to the process, at the end of which he thanked his wife, Dina, for convincing him to try.
The initial consultation clarified for both Moshe and Dr. Elman, which areas needed to treated: discoloration of the forehead, nose bridge and back of the hands. The areas that needed treatment were damaged by the sun and a little by age.
Dr. Elman explains that the discoloration of the forehead, bridge of the nose and back of the hands are the direct result of exposure to the sun. Discoloration that appears years after being exposed to the sun has a greyish brown nature and causes an older appearance. Men’s facial skin is thicker than women’s skin and requires a slightly longer treatment.
The treatment
The treatment was divided into several stages and was conducted using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, which allows precision in handling discoloration, while making it disappear and improving skin texture.
Intense Pulsed Light impulses are essentially energy that creates a burn. The result of the impulses is a burn that makes the discoloration get darker, then after a few days there is a gradual brightening of the discolored spot.
The treatment is performed in stages, making it possible to see that indeed it is the most appropriate treatment for the skin, while observing the skin’s response to it. The treatment is performed once every three to four weeks, ranging from four to five treatments.
Since men do not apply makeup, the ability to obscure the process is more problematic than with women. However, when a man comes for an aesthetic treatment, he is usually mentally prepared and ready to deal with the questions of those surrounding him. This was also true in Moshe’s case, he was not really bothered by the questions asked by a few of his clients, who have met him before.
In terms of the result, there is no difference between men and women. Even the post treatment behavior instructions which Moshe received are the same instructions women receive. After the treatment, it is important to keep the skin from repeated exposure to the sun. In light of the increased awareness of caring for the skin, men increasingly apply sun screens and are more careful.
The expression lines on the sides of the mouth and between the eyebrows were filled by injection of Perlane acid (non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) injectable gel). The filler quantity was relatively large due to deep wrinkles. A filler of the same series, at a different density level, was injected to the more superficial wrinkles.
Two weeks after all the treatments, Moshe underwent a complementary treatment named “Jet Peel”. In this treatment, this skin gets a deep lymphatic massage, a delicate peeling and is nourished with rich materials. The result is fresh, radiant skin. In addition, Moshe received conservation ointments and an invitation for a review after six months.
The result:
Moshe summed up the process he went through: “It was not easy for my wife to convince me to come with her. I thought she wanted me to come so I wouldn’t give her a hard time about investing in such a treatment for herself. I am pleased I agreed, and I am happy with the result. I feel younger by several years. Now I will get a hair cut and maybe start working on my weight”, he concluded with a smile.
Dr. Elman’s Clinic is the first clinic to ever perform laser aesthetic treatment and began doing so in the early 90’s. In addition, Dr. Elman’s clinics are “a test site” for the FDA, the American Health Department.
This means that Dr. Elman and her clinic were selected by the American Health Department to test treatments on its behalf, prior to their approval for use by other clinics. The studies included laser hair removal treatments, facial peeling, blue light acne treatments and facials using flashes of light.