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The wrinkles and everything in between

An article in a series of articles published in Ha’aretz newspaper – April, 2008
Written by: Mickey Greenfeld
Inside your head, you’re still young and you move gracefully as a young person, but your facial skin tells a different story. The tell-tale signs of time, sun exposure and fatigue have taken their toll and the wrinkles decorating your face make you look older than you feel. Today’s techniques can give you back your taut facial skin along with a feeling of freshness and vitality. Dr. Monica Elman has gathered all of the possible treatments for you.
“When mature and confident women come into my clinic, with droopy eyes and a half-smile, I cannot wait to hear the request ‘help me look the way I feel’. The intention, almost always, is to refresh the skin, smooth out wrinkles and take a few years off the overall appearance” Says Dr. Elman. “The ways to achieve the desired result are varied and provide timely solutions for the needs.”
Approaches to wrinkles treatment
Facial wrinkles can be filled via injection using different materials, or in combination with laser treatment and even facial surgery. The decision is made after examining the depth of the wrinkles and the condition of the skin. Evaluation of the wrinkles by a qualified doctor is very important because matching the material to the condition of the face is the first factor for the new look.
The materials for injections are divided into two main categories: permanent substances such as silicon, Bio Alcamid and New-Peel and biodegradable materials of the nutrient and collagen type.
The stages of the treatment
“Recently I treated Shlomit, 55 years old, who wanted to treat wrinkles around her eyes and expression lines on the sides of her mouth. I was also asked to refresh the texture of her skin, which had started showing signs of age. When Shlomit came to the counseling session, I sat her in front of the mirror and shared treatment options with her. We did not rule out intervention of complementary surgery, which at the end of the process proved to be unnecessary, and we gave it up.
During the first stage: The face underwent chemical peeling, which caused mild peeling of the upper skin layer (epidermis) until where it transitions to the deepest part of the skin (dermis).
The treatment itself, which causes discomfort and a slight burning sensation, is ten minutes in length, and approximately three days to a week after the treatment, the skin peels off.
The result: a rosy, fresh facial skin, on which a relaxing preparation should be applied during treatment and when going out of the house it should be protected with a lotion containing sun screen.
Second stage: Two weeks later, the injections phase began, for completing the look.
The expression lines were treated by injecting a natural filler. The spot of the injection was anesthetized several minutes before. Immediately after the injection, we placed cold compresses on the site to soothe it (sometimes there are small temporary hematoma which can be concealed using makeup).
The injection phase is divided into three sessions. The injections do not erase the wrinkles, but fill them and soften the look. The treatment takes about 20 minutes. The injections treatment should be renewed up to twice a year. The wrinkles around the eyes were treated by injecting a natural toxin combined with fillers at different levels of density to provide volume and treat the tiny wrinkles.
Two weeks after all the treatments, Shlomit underwent a complementary treatment named Jet Peel. With this treatment, the facial skin gets a deep lymphatic massage, a delicate peeling and nourishing with rich, efficient materials. The result: a particularly radiant skin.
After the filling
Even when injecting permanent fillers, the wrinkle continues to be dynamic, so repeated injections are needed. Each injection is limited in time and depends on factors such as mimic movements, gravity, smoking, sleep, condition of the teeth and gums, genetics and more.
Once you’ve reached your goals regarding your improved appearance, you can help it stay that way for a long time. Some tips in a nutshell:
• Reading glasses – wearing them prevents you from straining your eyes, which makes the skin around them contract, and thus suppresses the occurrence of tiny wrinkles in the eye and nose bridge area.
• Cigarettes – you know can do without them. Beyond all the recognized health damages, when you inhale, the cigarette causes the skin above the lips to contract and wrinkle.
• Moisturizing cream – essential for maintaining skin elasticity and prevent dryness. It does not prevent wrinkles, but certainly helps obscure them.
• Sun – you must avoid exposure as much as possible. Sun radiation is the primary cause for facial wrinkles. If you do not have a choice and you must be exposed to it, use a moisturizer containing sun screen.

Dr. Elman’s Clinic was the first clinic ever to perform laser aesthetic treatment and began doing so in the early nineties. In addition, Dr. Elman’s clinics are “a test site” for the FDA, the American Health Department. This means that Dr. Elman and her clinic were selected by the American Health Department to test treatments on its behalf, prior to their approval for use by other clinics. The studies carried out for the FDA dealt with laser hair removal treatments, facial peeling, blue light acne treatments and facials using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).