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Thickening and enlarging the lips

The older we get, the more we feel that our skin is worn out and aged. The reasons for this are obvious – exposure to the sun, unbalanced diet, exposure to cigarette smoke and environmental hazards. Having said that, even people who have kept a healthy lifestyle over the years may suffer from wrinkles around the mouth and sagging skin, this is due to the wear and tear acquired during the eroding daily use of the face muscles.
How is thickening and enlarging the lips performed?
Treatment of thickening and enlarging the treatment is based on injection of fillers into the lips. The most popular treatment substance for thickening and enlarging the lips and giving them a young and sensual look is injecting them with natural polysaccharide acid. Injecting the material adds volume to your lips.
Thickening the lips in a quality clinics network
Dr. Elman’s Clinics network handles a variety of aesthetic treatments. The team of experts is headed by Dr. Monica Elman, a professional dermatologist who believes in giving personal and professional care, while paying attention to the customer’s needs and wishes.
Dr. Elman’s team of specialists have vast and rich experience in a variety of aesthetic treatments, along with skill, professionalism, and command of advanced equipment, allowing for custom tailored treatments to the network’s customers.