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What is a light peeling?

As the name suggests, the peeling is light and superficial and is intended to provide your skin with vitality. It mainly constitutes a preserving treatment for the other types of peeling treatments.
Superficial peeling is a very gentle peeling treatment which is intended to provide your skin with vitality. In addition to being a treatment on its own, superficial peeling is utilized as a preserving treatment with other peeling treatments (such as medium peeling and deep peeling). This is in fact a very superficial burn to the skin, which causes an effect of light skin peeling. The superficial peeling is intended for light cases of pigmentation, to remove light spots and fine wrinkles or to refresh the skin.
Superficial peeling – how does it work?
Superficial peeling is a simple yet effective treatment, which includes applying a cream containing glycolic acid, alpha hydroxyl acids and other compounds – some of which can be found in various facial creams and facial masks, however in different concentrations. In most cases the peeling mixture is custom made to match the patient’s needs. When the mixture is applied on the skin, you may feel some tingling or a slight burning sensation, which will disappear once the mixture is removed.

What can I expect after a light peeling?
At the end of the superficial peeling treatment your skin will turn red, similarly to a first degree burn. Don’t worry – the red color will gradually disappear within 48 hours. As for the peeling of the skin (in fact the peeling of the upper epidermis layer), this process only starts a few hours after the compound is applied to the skin. This light peeling will heal in about 3 days.

Whom is the treatment intended for?

In order to understand for which target audience this treatment is recommended, we should first understand the effect of the treatment. Beyond providing a lighter and smoother look to the skin, through repeated superficial treatments you can blur non uniform pigmentation of the skin.
In addition, light peeling contributes to reducing the dry areas of the skin, smoothing fine wrinkles and even treating a skin touched with acne. Whom are superficial peeling treatments intended for? This treatment is suitable for any man or woman over the age of 30 and for those of us who are exposed to the radiating Middle Eastern sun on a daily basis.
Superficial peeling – what are the advantages?
Perhaps the most significant advantage of superficial peeling lies in the fact that the recovery time is mostly no longer than three days, whereas the results are visible for months to come. Beyond this, immediately after the treatment, you can resume your daily routine with no special precautions or a preserving treatment. Beyond a day or two of reddish skin, the treatment does not involve any discomfort whatsoever.