Dr. Monica Elman

Dr. Monica Elman, a world renowned dermatologist is passionate about people, research and technology.
These passions have led her to specialize in dermatology, and for the last two decades she has been leading breakthrough studies worldwide and now owns a network of private clinics, specializing in aesthetic dermatology.

She started her work with laser technologies while still in residency at the Tel Aviv Ichilov Hospital in 1990. Her exposure to “this magnificent instrument, which arrives from a place of sophistication and accuracy” seemed almost a revolution to her.

In 1992 Dr. Elman took part as a research physician in the development of Laser tools to be used for chemexfoliation (derma-peeling). In collaboration with a team of doctors from the US and Scandinavia, she conveyed the initial message – it is possible to perform derma-peeling treatments with laser beams. This research and the clinical application following it have led to a dramatic breakthrough in the scientific developments in the area, and in 1995 she started working directly on using laser-based technology in hair removal.

The issues addressed by medical aesthetics are very diverse, new challenges arise on a daily basis and require renewal and expansion of the treatments applications for difficult problems, such as developing innovative treatments for terror victims and for scars treatment. Dr. Elman does not rest on her laurels; she carries on working to find solutions for the vast majority of patients that come her way.

Dr. Elman’s clinics were the first to perform aesthetic treatments with Laser.

Studies led by Dr. Elman concentrated on laser hair removal, facial peeling, Blue Light therapy for acne and Intense Pulsed Light treatments, new approaches to skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and radio waves peeling, and in recent years, development of a heat based technology to improve skin texture and encourage rejuvenation, improvement of acne scars and renewal of the skin (TIXEL).

In addition, Dr. Elman has been nominated – for the sixth time – to become a “Test Site” for the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means that Dr. Elman and her clinics were chosen to perform clinical trials and treatments to be approved by the FDA. These treatments are implemented with great success in our clinics as well as worldwide.

In addition to the many papers she has written, in November 2010 Dr. Monica published her second book titled “Aesthetic Applications of Intense Pulsed Light”. It is a textbook for physicians and other professionals, which .deals with the applications of pulsed light treatments