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Dry skin in the winter: it is important to treat

The winter season in Israel is short and focused, but due to extreme temperature changes between day and night, most of the population suffers from skin damage. How do we treat dry skin in children and adults?
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Jet Peel treatment - for tight and vital skin

Sometimes, in order to change the appearance of your facial skin, you do not need injections or lifts or any other intrusive treatment. Dr. Monica Elman offers a treatment called Jet Peel, in the process of which, very potent substances are injected to facial skin.
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How do stress and anxiety effect the skin

The contemporary reality of our lives, which is accompanied with existential stress and anxiety, affects our national mood, our state of mind and the condition of our skin. Many studies indicate that the skin pays the toll of mental stress with its health.
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Requires care - in 2016 we will turn to into humans

Dear men, here are some necessary grooming promises for the new year. In 2016, you will be clean, radiant and pleasant. We have gathered and tested the cosmetic products that will help you perform the task. Shaver, mask, pearl cream, nail and skin care etc.
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How to care for your skin during winter

The cold season is both especially romantic and photogenic; however, it can be very challenging for our skin. The humidity, multi-layered clothing and heaters may dry our skin and cause damage. Here are some useful tips to help us and our skin to survive the cold days
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Give up the wet wipes - how to treat and prevent diaper rash

Diaper rash is one of most common problems among babies as well as adults who are forced to use diapers. The wetness together with the humidity are fertile ground for skin bacteria fungus. What to do to eliminate the damage and how to prevent?

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Towards Hanukkah - take care and avoid the dangers of the holiday

I do not know how I agreed to sacrifice my body to beauty treatments this week, and do it day after day. Usually I avoid facials and have told you so weeks ago...

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The hot season - Tomer Yeruham prepares for winter

Just before documenting every spare minute of his tumultuous life, footballer Tomer Yeruham was captured by Walla! Celebs on the way to a series of special treatments, so the next best thing planned before becoming the hottest talk of the coming winter. walla! Celebs is prepared for the winter.
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Pregnancy Care: What is permitted, what is forbidden

Pregnancy, a period so radiant and glamorous, that you must not enter the Jacuzzi, undergo cellulite treatment or fill in wrinkles (for interest). But hey, you can completely dye your hair and perfume (just not in the neck). In short: the new pregnancy care laws.
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Diabetes complications: The importance of diagnosis and effective treatment

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of diabetes patients. How are they diagnosed, what are the risks, how can it affect the skin and what can be done? A guide to dealing with the day of diabetes awareness began today

Tips for skin care during the winter

Tips on facial skin care in the winter of Dr. Elman
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The path of doctors to independence

She wrote in Calcalist Insider on the path of doctors to independence

She wrote in Nana 10 about the doctor who set a goal and fulfilled it

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The connection between the distress of the soul and the appearance of the skin

Link to an interesting article about the relationship between mental distress and skin appearance by Dr. Monica Elman at Nana 10 website
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The solution to the skin crisis of age 40