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Q & A

At what age is it recommended to begin various facial rejuvenation treatments?

. This is an important and interesting question. First of all, this is very individual. Each patient feels the need for aesthetic treatments at a different age. In recent years,
we are witnessing a constant reduction of the age when a woman receives her first treatment of injections. This is done, first and foremost, to delay the moment when the wrinkles will appear, and the volume will begin to decrease. In any case, it is recommended to come to one of our clinics for a professional consultation meeting and to make the decision when informed.

. In my younger years I have suffered from acne, and until today, when I am 28, my skin is full of post-acne scars. Do you have a solution for this problem?

. I am glad to say that the answer is yes! There is a wide variety of solutions for the post-acne scars problem, including chemical peels, technological solutions such as fractional laser, IPL light, or RF radio treatment, in each case the course of treatment is determined individually in accordance with the patient’s needs.

Do you have a solution for active acne, and not just scars?

Definitely. As Dr Elman is a specialist Dermatologist, she is able to offer treatments to those patients who are interested in minimizing the appearance of acne on their skin as much as possible, while using the most advanced materials and technology.

What is Dr Elman’s approach based on?

Dr Elman’s approach for combining methods of treatment is based on her clinical experience of over 20 years. Dr Monica Elman is one of the pioneers of laser treatments in the world, implementing laser for skin problems and aesthetic issues. Dr Elman published books on the subject of laser treatments, and her clinics serve as a “testing site” for FDA for approving new technological methods, along with other leading clinics worldwide.

Why can’t I receive a consultation on the telephone?

Each person’s skin is individual, as is their genetic make-up, which makes them react differently to all possible treatments. Only when seeing the patient it is possible to recommend a treatment or a series of treatments most suitable for this specific patient. This approach ensures the best results for each patient.

Why do you recommend undergoing aesthetic treatments by a dermatologist, such as Dr. Elman’s clinics?

Dermatologists study the skin for many years, thus the treatments they administer come under the umbrella of medical aesthetics. Therefore, it is only natural that a dermatologist, who is so aware of the skin’s anatomy and physiology, more so than any other doctor, will be the most qualified to perform aesthetic treatments. Dr Monica Elman specializes in dermatology, with more than 20 years of experience in the field. The treatments we offer are known by their high level and uncompromising quality.

Do you recommend performing various treatments as needed, or concentrating them in a defined plan?

. It depends on the needs of the patient, their age and requests. Young women, aged 30-35 begin beauty treatments to preserve moisture in the skin, which are essential for prevention of wrinkles and the changes in the skin texture. Beginning at age 40 and over, especially for those who have never received aesthetic treatments before, it is possible to see a regression in the state of the skin, visible clearly in a few areas. Those areas may be treated locally, as a part of a treatment program. The advantages of a treatment program are clear and logical: we plan for the long term, create a winning combination of various treatments, and achieve a perfect result addressing all of the troublesome issues.

What are the glow treatments and why would I need them?

The glow treatments set to achieve a glowing look for the skin in the short run. For the most part, they consist of a surface injections of diluted hyaluronic acid, which boosts the skin appearance and adds to its natural glow. Hyaluronic acid being injected here differs from the one used for filling or face sculpting, therefore, this treatment will cost less. Those treatments are an ideal solution for any kind of a family event, or as a self-care measure, which looks wonderful.

What are the advantages you offer in the area of hair removal?

. Hair removal is performed under the supervision of Dr Elman, who is an expert dermatologist. She ensures the quality of the treatment and your safety. In addition, our service is a boutique level, creating a pleasant atmosphere and ensuring our customers’ overall enjoyment.

Where are the clinics located?

Dr Elman’s network of clinics is comprised of three branches, in Tel Aviv, Rishon Le-Tzion and Haifa. Before you arrive, it’s advisable to arrange an introductory meeting in advance. Please dial 0732328952 to set up your appointment.