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Body treatments

החלקת צלוליט בעזרת LPG

Cellulitis – LPG

What is Cellulite? Cellulite is an anatomical structure of fatty tissue trapped in the extracellular fluid and collagen fibers, which... Read More
הקפאת שומן קריוליפוליזיס


The Cryolipolysis treatment – win the battle against fat and reduce up to 5 cm. in your body circumference in... Read More
טיפול נגד הזעת יתר

Excessive sweating

Whether it’s your hands or your armpits that are constantly sweaty, today’s medical advancements can resolve this issue and improve... Read More
הסרת שיער

Laser hair removal

We all have hair. It is either thin or thick, light or dark. On average we lose between 40 and... Read More
טיפול טילייט

Skin tightening

Our skin always gives away our age. The older we get, the more our skin will look loose, tired, wrinkled... Read More
הרמת פנים עם חוטים

Thread Lift

A revolutionary new treatment, targeted at treating tired skin, has recently joined our arsenal of aesthetic treatments. The goal is... Read More

Tattoos removal

When you were young and felt like decorating your body, you decided on permanent body art with which you intended... Read More