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Cellulitis – LPG

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is an anatomical structure of fatty tissue trapped in the extracellular fluid and collagen fibers, which has penetrated its physiological borders and looks like an uneven dimpled mass, disfiguring the entire area.

When people gain weight, not only do they increase the quantity of fat in their fat cells, but they also increase the quantity of extracellular fluid, while this causes swelling and edema.

Cellulite is easily recognizable. Pinch the skin between two fingers. If the skin feels soft to the touch and has the texture of an orange peel, it’s cellulite. Some of the causes of cellulite are hormonal changes, metabolic changes, genetic predisposition and unbalanced diet, combined with lack of physical activity.

Body sculpting through lymphatic massage -LPG

This is a method designed to drain the extra-cellular fluid from the affected area with the help of a device, manipulating the tissue in a way that cannot be achieved by a human hand alone for a duration of time, thereby reducing the swelling and the edema. The device performs massage and deep suction, gently yet

intensively conditioning the skin tissue to eliminate fat deposits, revitalize blood and lymph circulation and reactivate lipolysis. The extra cellular fluid is directed through the lymphatic system, to the lymph nodes, where it drains into the blood vessels. There is a slight reduction in body weight, but more importantly, the

shape and the circumference of the body definitely change.

Cellulite treatment is a series of 15 treatments, each one 35 minutes long, usually with follow up treatments to maintain the effect over time. The treatment will be most successful if the patient maintains a balanced, low fat diet and engages in physical activity.

Cellulite treatment -innovations

For even better results, we currently combine LPG treatments with radio waves in a vacuum. Using a Viora device, which incorporates RF technologies and vacuum suction, we first warm the treated area, then begin the lymphatic massage. The treatment is suitable for young girls and new mothers – beginning at about one month after giving birth

How is it possible to avoid cellulite?

It’s not possible to avoid cellulite, but it is possible to treat it.

I am aware of the fact that LPG is one of the oldest treatments. Is it still considered safe? Perhaps there are newer things?

Despite the fact that LPG is one of the oldest in the field of aesthetic medicine, Dr Elman and other specialists are of the opinion that this is still the safest and the most reliable treatment. LPG has been around for many years, and the number of successful treatments in the past and those that are performed currently proves that the device is indeed safe and reliable. There are other treatments for cellulite, which do not operate through the lymphatic system, and their combination with the LPG treatment according to Dr Elman’s approach for combining treatments ensures greater efficiency and higher percentage of success. Besides, LPG devices at Dr Elman’s clinics are of the newest kind and of the latest generation of such devices, the kind of technology that improves with time.

Is the LPG treatment painful?

The treatment does not involve any pain whatsoever. LPG is a gentle massage of the whole body, with emphasis on the lymph nodes, which are in charge of draining the excess fluid and the toxins from our tissues into the bloodstream. The blood gets cleaned and filtered, and the toxins get removed. This treatment is completely pain-free.

Is there a “stay at home” recovery period following treatment?

There is no need for a recovery period. Lymphatic massage, performed with the LPG technology is relatively short, very beneficial, feels good and does not require a recovery time. You can return to your regular activities immediately after the treatment.

Whom is LPG suitable for?

Research shows that the phenomenon known as cellulite (entrapment of fat cells within the intercellular fluid) is very widespread and is found in the bodies of the vast majority of women. The process of cellulite forming intensifies after the age of 30, as well as after pregnancies and births. Therefore, anyone who is interested in addressing the problem of cellulite in an effective way, is welcome to try LPG.

Why would you recommend performing this treatment at Dr Elman’s clinics?

. here at Dr Elman’s clinics we have gathered enormous experience in the LPG approach for deep lymphatic massage, and we have thousands of satisfied customers. Besides, LPG treatments integrate well with other treatments for achieving your ideal body shape. It is possible to combine this treatment with Cryolipolysis, RF skin tightening, as well as other treatments. The course of treatment is determined after a personal consultation with each patient. It is possible to integrate other treatments, which are not directly related to shaping up the body, such as the stretch marks treatment that are designed to smooth the skin out, laser hair removal on the highest level, inter alia. Dr Elman’s method which allows us to combine technological approaches to treatment, based on her enormous experience as a dermatologist is unique for our clinic and allows us to offer maximum results with the utmost safety of the patient.