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The Cryolipolysis treatment – win the battle against fat and reduce up to 5 cm. in your body circumference in one treatment that is pain free and non-surgical.

The cellulitis and body sculpting treatment performed at Dr. Elman’s Clinics have been proven scientifically and found to be the most effective and efficient in the field.
How to treat and sculpt the body?

Many methods have been developed to handle the problem of body fat and to reduce the area of fat accumulation. Most of those are based on invasive surgical techniques such as liposuction, while others are based on advanced, non-invasive technologies. The surgical procedure of liposuction is performed under local or

general anesthesia and involves pain and an extended recovery time. It is also accompanied by risks and adverse effects, which deter some of the potential target audience. Many designated technologies for fighting cellulitis and excessive fat have also improved and have become more effective in recent years.

The newest technology, based on the cutting-edge developments in this field, is called Cryolipolysis (coolsculpting). Cryolipolysis offers a fast and effective solution for excessive fat storage, without surgery or pain, with a short recovery period and without any adverse side effects.
The novel Cryolipolysis technology is at Dr. Elman’s Clinics now

Cryolipolysis is a procedure where fat is broken down in cold temperatures. The technology relies on the fact that the fat cells in our body are sensitive to cold and disintegrate as a result of exposure to deep cold. The process of cell death is called apoptosis. The treatment encourages break down of the fat cells and

migration of fat cells form a problematic area causing the subcutaneous fat in the desired and treated area to thin out. This is an effective solution for the problem of excessive fat and a method of body sculpting, allowing to reduce the circumference of your body by up to 4 cm. and this result is achieved in a single treatment! (1) The result: a well-shaped and sculpted body without surgery or pain.

The maximum effect is achieved in the 3 months following treatment.

This is how it is done:
• The treatment is performed with the patient lying down and lasts slightly longer than one hour for each treated area.
• The device’s applicator is attached to the desired area.
• A gradual controlled suction and cooling process of the fat layer under the skin begins.
• The area is cooled down to about -9° C.
• The cold breaks down the fat cells naturally, without injuring any other tissue (nerves, blood vessels or muscles)
• After the cell membrane is destroyed, the fat contained in the cell is now dispersed and removed from the body by natural means, through the blood and lymph systems.
* Important: The method is used only to break down the subcutaneous fat
, and is not intended for losing weight.

All the advantages. One technology.

As one of the developments never seen before in the field of body sculpting, Cryolipolysis represents the best option of all, and offers a unique and comprehensive solution that stands above all other treatment methods.
The advantages of the technology include:

• Suitable for both men and women
• Based on a natural, non-invasive method
• The effects are immediately visible, even after a single treatment
• Pain free and adverse effects free treatment
• The treatment does not require any special preparations
• There is no recovery time, routine activity can be resumed immediately
• The treatment is suitable for a number of body areas, according to the needs of the patient
• The broken down and removed fat cells do not form again, and they are removed from the body
Possible treatment combinations
As in any medical – aesthetic filed, here at Dr. Elman’s Clinics we adopt a broad holistic point of view in which we combine the cryolipolysis treatment with additional complementary treatments aiming to amplify the impact of treatment. For example, it is recommended to undertake a cryolipolysis treatment program concurrently with the known LPG technology treatments as per the recommendation of Dr. Monica Elman. Performing a cryolipolysis treatment once every 3 months, each time in another area, along with performing periodic preservative treatments using LPG technology.
While cryolipolysis breaks down the fat cells and boosts body sculpting significantly, the LPG device will assist in flattening the treatment area, and stimulate skin renewal.
• Stimulates production of collagen, elastin and polysaccharide acids naturally
• Delays the aging processes
• Invigorates blood and lymph circulation
• Improves the look of the skin and treats cellulitis
Results achieved through this integrated approach: cellulite is mostly gone. The skin becomes beautiful. The sculpted areas shape is retained and the results are maintained for a long time.
Note: ongoing maintenance treatments are the only correct way to always have beautiful, smooth, healthy and cellulite free skin.

Is Cryolipolysis safe?

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive localized reduction of fat deposits in the body. It is safe, because the intense cold is directed exactly at the fat layers underneath the skin, not a millimetre above or below where it’s necessary, in order to avoid any possible damage to the adjacent tissues. This treatment has been tried and tested and hundreds of thousands happy customers from all over the world have undergone it safely and with great results. Moreover, the technology that is available at Dr Elman’s clinics is considered the most advanced, and therefore achieves the best results without any significant side effects. After trying out other newest technologies that exist in the market today, Dr Elman recommends this treatment. ה.

Is the treatment painful?

Cryolipolysis, just like other medical aesthetics treatments, is performing an actual change in the body, when the fat tissue is cooled down and the cells are broken down. The treatment isn’t supposed to cause pain. However, the pain threshold is different in every patient, and there is no single answer to this question. That said, most patients do not experience Cryolipolysis as painful, and report a great sense of satisfaction following the treatment.

Is there a “stay at home” recovery period following treatment?

There is no need to recover. The treatment is relatively short, it’s effective and quite pleasant, and does not require a stay at home recovery period. There is likely to be an unpleasant sensation in the treatment area, that will last for a few days. This is a natural feeling, which will dissipate quickly, and the treatment does not leave a mark.

Whom is Cryolipolysis suitable for?

Firstly, let us stress the fact that Cryolipolysis is not intended for situations of obesity, on the contrary. The treatment is intended for those with an average build, including those who work out on a regular basis, but find it impossible to lower the fat mass and to tone the problem areas, such as the legs, thighs, buttocks, belly, arms, etc. The clients with a regular body build, who intend to shape up their body, this is an ideal solution, hence the treatment is exceptionally popular.

. Why would you recommend choosing your clinic for this treatment?

Cryolipolysis is a treatment that is suitable for combination with other types of treatments, in order to create the best body you could possibly wish for. It is especially effective when combined with the deep lymphatic massage LPG, which cleanses the body from toxins, speeds up the fat loss processes, and treats cellulite. In addition, it’s possible to combine it with body-sculpting techniques, such as the stretch-marks treatment, to make the skin look smooth, with the laser hair-removal treatments on the highest level possible, etc. Dr Elman’s approach, which combines all kinds of approaches and techniques, which she developed based on her incredible experience of many years as an experienced dermatologist. Such experience is the advantage we have over our competitors, and it ensures maximum quality in treatment, as well as your utmost safety.