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Thread Lift

A revolutionary new treatment, targeted at treating tired skin, has recently joined our arsenal of aesthetic treatments. The goal is to firm it up, to lift it and to achieve a young, fresh and beautiful skin. This treatment is performed by injecting threads into the facial skin, which then create a healthy new scaffolding to support

the sagging skin and thus improve its look.

The goal of the treatment

Treatment with threads is directed at rejuvenation of the face and neck skin, improving its look and tightening it. The threads dissolve inside the skin and promote the formation of new collagen, creating a new high quality structural net supporting the skin. The treatment assists in slowing down the ageing process of the
skin, in addition to instantly correcting defects. It is therefore a suitable treatment, even as a maintenance treatment, at a relatively young age.
Important to note! Treatment with threads is not a substitute for facial surgery or for lifting large areas of sagging skin!

Whom is thread lift suitable for?
Thread treatment is suitable for cases of loose and lifeless skin, for treating wrinkles and fine lines, for improving the appearance of dropping cheeks and of the chin area, for a sagging neck skin, the brow line and the temple area.

Whom is thread lift not suitable for?
The thread treatment is unsuitable for cases of active skin conditions, during pregnancy, when the patient is receiving anticoagulants (depending on the decision of the attending physician), in the presence of inflamed acne of the face and neck, or if permanent filling materials are present in the skin.

How does it work?
Using this method, the doctor injects a thin needle into the skin, along with a polydioxanone (absorbable suture material) thread. It’s a material that has been used in surgical medicine for many years. It preserves the elasticity of the dermis and biodegrades inside the skin without causing adverse side effects.
The threads are inserted into the skin with specially processed needles, which allow for smooth penetration into the skin. The needle pulls out easily, and the thread remains in the skin, biodegrading in a process that may last 3 – 8 months.
The treatment is performed under local anesthesia, usually by means of an anesthetizing cream such as Emla (at times there is no need for the anesthetizing cream).
A number of threads are inserted into each area concurrently. The number of treads inserted into the skin may reach 20 – 40 threads per treatment. The treatment should be repeated after one month, when an additional 10 – 20 additional threads are inserted, as needed.

The results of the treatment
This innovative treatment contributes to the look of a smooth, revitalized and healthy skin. Its results are immediately obvious and last for a long time.
In addition, the treatment is also available in combination with other treatments, such as: injections of fillers or skin firming treatment using laser or RF waves.

Local reactions
Sub dermal (under the skin) hematoma (which are absorbed and do not disturb the thread’s incorporation into the tissue), local swelling (due to the multiple needle pricks) and some edema are possible.
Adverse effects and possible complications
– Allergy and rejection of the threads – very rare.
– Swelling, severe pain, redness and discomfort (if persist for more than 4 – 5 days – report to the attending doctor and return to the clinic)
– Scars – very rare.
– Patients who take aspirin or other blood thinners should consult their physician to assess whether they should stop taking their medication a few days prior to the treatment.
– Granulomas – stiffening may occur in the injection area due to a subcutaneous inflammation. This may be resolved with topical medications.
– As with any facial treatment, pigmentation may appear in the facial area, therefore it is recommended to use sunscreen when exposed to the sun, and to avoid perfumes in the treated area as they may cause pigmentation.
– Appearance of a dimple, a lump or asymmetry following the treatment -these can be treated and corrected.
– A thread sticking out and not absorbed – the thread can be removed
Recommendations after the treatment?
– Avoid physical activity for 5 days.
– Avoid saunas, spas, facial cosmetics, tanning.
– Avoid visiting the dentist – for two weeks.
– Do not massage the face.

To summarize
– The treatment is intended for skin rejuvenation.
– The treatment does not constitute skin tightening.
– The effect is temporary and there is an individual component involved in the rate and extent of the break down of the material in the body.
– Swelling, redness and sensitivity to touch, or at times, hematomas, are normal and transient responses.
– There is a need for repeated treatments in order to preserve and improve the results.

What is unique about thread lift treatments?

During this treatment, absorbable suture material are inserted into the skin. The treatment produces a lifting effect, which cannot be achieved by hyaluronic acid injections. Those are most suitable for filling out deep crevices in the skin, sculpting or improving its texture.

Do the threads really dissolve in the skin and get absorbed, or is it only a figure of speech?

The tread has been used in surgical medicine for more than five decades, and their main component, Polydioxanone, is the same material as used in surgeries, which gets absorbed into the body afterwards. Anyone who’s ever had a surgery, knows how this works and does not fear the sutures.

Does injection of the threads leave a mark or a scar?

. Of course not! The threads achieve an effect of younger collagen and elastane fibers, which create the solid framework for the derma, keeping it both stable and flexible at once.

I’ve heard that there are many kinds of threads in the market. They may be short or long, thick or thin, smooth or not (the “aggressive” kind that causes a swelling in the facial skin for about two weeks.) What do you recommend?

The threads could vary in thickness and size. Once inserted into the skin, a small area of edema is created in the derma and the “anchor” materials under the skin, then the thread continues to undergo the natural biologic processes of decomposition. The decomposition is a slow process, which allows for the lift effect to remain for a while. At the injection site a local hematoma may be present. The area may feel uncomfortable for a few days. The threads take a few months to be absorbed into the body, hence the lift effect remains from a month to a year.

Why do you recommend choosing your clinic for the thread lift treatment?

Dr. Monica Elman is an expert dermatologist, one of the pioneers of the thread lift treatments in Israel. She is greatly experienced with the whole range of existing threads. This kind of treatment is classified as micro-surgery, requiring a high level of professionalism and a deep professional understanding of all the skin processes, anatomy and physiology for the correct placement of the threads, the choice of the right thread for each patient, as well as all the other background knowledge. Without such knowledge, the patient’s health and wellbeing would not be safe. Therefore, if you are considering a threads face-lift, Dr. Elman’s clinic is the right choice for anyone who is looking for quality.