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Facial treatments

ג'ט פיל Jet Peel

Jet Peel

facial treatment will bring back glow and freshness to your skin, invigorating your blood circulation, tightening your skin, and as... Read More

Facial peeling

Exposure of the skin to nature’s elements, to changes in weather and to sunlight, may cause the skin to lose... Read More
פיקסל לקמטים ולצלקות

Pixel (Fraxell) for scars and wrinkles

Not all of us come out of puberty age so easily, and many are left with mementos in the form... Read More
קליר ליפט Clear Lift

Clear lift – a gentle yet thorough treatment

This methodology allows for concurrently combining a number of technologies, these assist in renewal of the skin tightening together with... Read More
רפואת עור

Pigmentation and skin spots

Pigmentation is a common phenomenon caused by changes in the pigment melanin, which is located in the basal layer of... Read More
טיפול מתקדם בצלקות

Treatment of scars

In the present article, by “scars” we refer to the acne-caused scarification. Eight out of ten people worldwide suffer from... Read More
אנטי אייגינג ראשי

Anti Aging

In today’s world, when life expectancy is consistently on the rise, we want to look good and look younger even... Read More