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Clear lift – a gentle yet thorough treatment

This methodology allows for concurrently combining a number of technologies, these assist in renewal of the skin tightening together with a light controlled peeling.

Another advantage is the ability to treat the entire face; around the eyes area, upper lids, as well as the neck, dacolletage and back of the hands.

The treatment is recommended also to younger women with awareness of skin tightness preservation. The treatment encourages building of quality collagen which improves the skin scaffolding and its vitality.

The treatment is composed of a series of 5 treatments, performed once a month.

The sensation id of mild heating of the skin and without any adverse effects, No pain is felt during the course of the treatment, only a slight tingle and warmth. After the treatment, the skin looks a little pink, and there is no need to stop you daily routine activity.

The impact is not seem immediately, but is a cumulative effect which looks good after 4 – 5 treatments.

In order to preserve the result, it is recommended to undergo 2 – 3 maintenance treatments per year.


In a few words, what is unique about the ClearLift™ technology?

It is difficult to describe a technology this smart and complex in a few words. In any case, it could be said that this technology offers a significant improvement in the state of the skin in those areas where it’s thinned out, such as around the eyes, the neck, cleavage, the back of the hands. The treatment is fast and painless, and doesn’t leave marks on the skin that would require a stay at home recovery time.

Does the ClearLift™ technique really work, or is it just a PR move?

Of course the ClearLift™ technology really works! It is important to note that Dr. Monica Elman examines each new technology before she approves its introduction into the clinic framework. Moreover, Dr. Elman’s clinics have been chosen in the past as the FDA testing site to verify the efficiency and the safety of the new technologies prior to them being approved for use in the American market. This way each patient may rest assured that their safety is in the most expert hands.

Does ClearLift™ constitute an anti-ageing treatment for ages 45 and over?

Yes – and so much more than that! ClearLift™ may certainly constitute a part of the anti-ageing package we offer to women or men who have passed the age 40 benchmark and are considering a time-reversing treatment that’s clearly visible. ClearLift™ has many other applications, as well. ClearLift™ can be considered an excellent treatment for younger women of 30 and up who are searching for a skin-preserving treatment. ClearLift™ shows excellent results when performed once a year, preserving the youthful appearance of your skin and delaying the inevitable offset of the skin ageing process.

Is it possible to receive a ClearLift™ treatment and return to work on the same day?

When the ClearLift™ technology was pioneered in the USA, it immediately became known as the treatment with the most clear characteristics, such as being short and pain-free. Besides, as there is no redness or peeling following this treatment, it’s been termed the “lunch- break treatment”. Indeed, those who are interested in trying, may arrange an appointment, receive the treatment, and return to work without anyone knowing you’ve been treated with laser on your facial skin. We recommend a slightly more relaxed approach, of course, for the benefit of your soul as well as the body, as stress is known to adversely impact your emotional health, which in turn is sure to harm the skin.