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Jet Peel

facial treatment will bring back glow and freshness to your skin, invigorating your blood circulation, tightening your skin, and as a special bonus, it will remove the toxins, stored in skin. This is not about magic, even though it definitely seems this way.
Jet Peel – the new generation of facial skin care

A novel treatment technique, custom tailored for each patient, is based on the most advanced technologies. Active nourishment, oxygen and physiological solutions are introduced into the skin using air pressure.

The duration of this facial treatment is about an hour, it is performed while you lie down with your eyes closed, and are totally relaxed. When highly skilled and experienced hands treat your face, and you receive deep lymphatic massage, light peeling and rich and effective nourishment, you can rest at ease.

The Jet Peel technique is universally applicable and it brings about an array of benefits, such as texture improvement and tightening of the skin, paling deep pigmentation, softening and smoothing out wrinkles, and putting the finishing touch on anti age treatment, as well as giving you a fresh and glamourous look for special events.
Facial Jet Peel treatment in various combinations

Jet Peel can be combined with a wide variety of facial treatments to improve the final outcome. It can be combined with filling injections, with mimic wrinkle smoothing treatments, with deep or medium peeling and even with flash light treatments for acne and old acne scars.

The facial treatment is custom tailored; a series of five treatments is recommended, with an interval of two weeks between treatments. To preserve the results it is best to follow it with a preserving treatment once every one to two months.

Excellent for refreshing and renewing your skin!

Especially recommended for fast results before special events.

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Is the JetPeel™ treatment safe?

Of course! JetPeel™ was developed by Israeli scientists, and it’s based on the air pressure theory, which is actually rocket science. It is completely and totally safe. The air pressure allows introduction of nutrients directly into the skin, without damaging it. JetPeel™ has received the approval of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Is the treatment painful?

On the contrary. JetPeel™ treatment involves a gentle air pressure, which feels quite good. There is a refreshing cold sensation, and this treatment is considered one of the most pleasant ones out of those that exist today.

. Is there a “stay at home” recovery period following treatment?

There is no need for recovery. The treatment is fast, effective, pleasant, and does not leave any peeling or redness on the skin. The treatment is so effective and its results are immediate; hence we recommend undergoing a JetPeel™ session prior to any significant event.

When do you recommend to perform the treatment?

JetPeel™ is a treatment that makes your skin look radiant immediately. Following treatment, the skin looks glowing and visibly vibrant. Even without any significant events planned, this treatment is ideal for long-term maintenance of the skin, due to the deep cleaning that it offers and the deep nourishment that it provides for the skin. The treatment also removes the waste products from the cells, which is what makes your skin look radiant, flexible and quite simply – more beautiful.

Why should I choose Dr Elman’s clinics?

JetPeel™ may be administered as a part of a treatment series, intended to brighten up the skin and make it look younger, together with other techniques and approaches. Dr Elman’s approach was developed based on her vast experience as a highly-specialized dermatologist, and it’s unique to our clinics. This approach is most likely to provide you with the maximum results, as well as the utmost safely and trustworthiness.