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Pixel (Fraxell) for scars and wrinkles

Not all of us come out of puberty age so easily, and many are left with mementos in the form of scars, that accompany us for the rest of our lives. These mementos are the result of none other than acne spots. Acne is an inflammatory condition, affecting at least 80% of all adolescents. 30% of patients visiting dermatologists’ clinics visits are patients who seek treatment for acne.

The age group most vulnerable to acne is 13 years and up. Instances of acne are equally divided between boys and girls.

Acne sores cause scarring in the skin of the face, neck, chest, back and buttocks due to insufficiency of the immune system in healing these wounds. Mental and social issues may be caused to the sufferer as a part of the adverse effects of the condition.
Acne – reasons and contributors
– Hereditary background.
– Excessive stress.
– Picking the skin causes deepening of the scars.

– Working in leather, oils, petroleum, kitchen, baking industries or environments.
– Unsuitable cosmetics.

– Weather – severe heat, moisture and extreme temperature changes.
Accepted treatment of acne

– Lotions based on retinoid acids (Vitamin A).
– Antibiotic ointments.
– Oral antibiotic medications,
– Roaccutane – medication based on the vitamin A group.
– Combinations of topical treatments and / oral contraceptives as a complementary hormonal balancing agents.
– Appropriate cosmetic care and hygiene.

With a view of the future – skin clear of acne
There is a new innovative and effective solution for treating acne and acne scars, which allows you to improve, smoothen and soften the skin for a visibly cleaner look. At Elman’s clinics we know how to take advantage of the most advanced technology and how to match the right treatment to the exact damage caused to the skin.

Treating Acne with photo – therapy
The photo therapy treatment is performed using a ray of blue light projected on the damaged skin area. This starts a phototoxic process which destroys the acne-causing bacteria P. Acnes. A self – destruction process is initiated in the focus of the blue light, which causes the bacteria to die. The blue light also works to reduce the frequency of active breakouts. It decreases the production of sebum (skin oils) in your skin and over time may reduce pore size.

Advantages of the methodology
– Medication free treatment – this therapeutic method achieves the same results as is achieved with antibiotics, without taking any medications and without adverse effects.
– A non invasive treatment.
– No risk or collateral damage.
– The therapist does not touch the skin.
– Suitable for people with beards.
– There is no exposure to UV radiation – the light used is completely safe.
– The treatment is easy, readily available and convenient.

The disadvantages of acne treatment
Acne is a chronic condition accompanied by outbreaks correlated to emotional stress and/or changes in the weather and/or cosmetic care and/or picking and/or hormonal changes. For this reason it is possible, even though in the short term a treatment was successful, in the long term, the condition may return, at one level of intensity or another, and then there is a need to return for additional treatments using the method.

The results of acne treatment
A decrease in the inflamed lesions is expected, together with improvement in the condition of the skin, in about 68% of the cases – already visible after one month.
Be proactive

With the appearance of the first pimples it is advisable to set an appointment at the clinic for examination. The inflamed skin, the pimples and the scars, may cause a lot of distress to the person inflicted with this condition. Many adolescents are not aware of the fact that this disease may be treated with the assistance of a specialist doctor.

Tips for treating and preventing acne

– Do not dry your skin excessively by using peeling agents.
– Apply oil free moisturizing lotion, followed by makeup.
– Avoid using perfumes on infected areas.
– You can wear makeup, but it is recommended to remove it using a wet cloth with make up remover.
– Do not rub the skin.
– It is recommended to rinse with luke-warm water and to let the fave air dry, without toweling.

I suffer from acne scars since my teenage years. With the years passing, I’ve noticed that the situation is getting worse, how did that happen?

As a part of the skin ageing process, various types of wrinkles are added to the scars in the facial area, which may cause the scars to appear deeper. This is the reason why your acne scars seem to look worse with age. Acne scars cannot disappear on their own, they remain etched into the skin for years to come, after acne itself has long disappeared.

. Is peeling the treatment of choice for acne scars?

Peels are one of the most effective solutions for the issues caused by acne. In the recent years, another effective tool has joined our arsenal; we are referring to the laser and radio frequency treatments. Pixel RF – Radio Frequency Skin Resurfacing creates microscopic openings in the skin of the scarred area, thus prompting the formation of new collagen, which tightens the skin and creates a smoother, younger look. This treatment is especially effective in paling the acne scars. For receiving a free personal consultation , during which we would suggest a custom-tailored ideal treatment plan for you, set up an appointment at one of our clinics, either through the site or on the phone.

Can you make any kind of scar disappear?

When discussing scars, we need to be extra careful at the expectation stage, in order to avoid a situation where such expectations might not be materialized. A scar is created when there is a traumatic injury to the skin, and when this scar remained for many years, we cannot speak of making the scar “disappear” or “removing” it. On the other hand, with the help of the most advanced technology in its various combinations that are used today for scars treatment, we certainly achieve great results by blending the appearance of the scar with the surrounding skin and making it appear more pale. This is certainly true for acne scars, and on occasion, also other scars, except keloid scars. The appearance is improved tenfold. For a free and non-obligating consultation, please contact one of our clinics.

Why do you recommend choosing your clinics for treating acne scars?

Dr Monica Elman is an experienced dermatologist, who has personally treated hundreds and even thousands of acne sufferers, be it in the active stage or be it for the post-acne scars. She has acquired vast experience working with a wide variety of the most advanced methods in this area, which also happen to be the most effective. Dr Elman combines classical medicine with the aesthetic perspectives in her work, in order to achieve the best and the most long-lasting results for every patient of the clinics chain. For receiving a free personal consultation , during which we would suggest a custom-tailored ideal treatment plan for you, set up an appointment at one of our clinics, either through the site or on the phone.