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Smoothing out mimic wrinkles with injections

Injections to treat expression wrinkles have in the past decade become a widespread and popular trend with both women and men who are interested in improving their look by softening and eliminating expression wrinkles.

The treatment material is based on a natural toxin, and was approved for use to treat wrinkles by the FDA to in

How does the smoothing out expression wrinkles injection treatment work?

The injected material is used for flattening and filling wrinkles in the upper part of the face (the forehead and the eye areas (a location that tends to develop most expression wrinkles). Flattening the wrinkles is achieved by injecting the material between the muscle and the nerve, which forces muscle relaxation – it weakens the expression muscles causing the wrinkles.

There are many advantages to injections when it comes to flattening and blurring multiple expression wrinkles, first and foremost – immediate return to your routine. There is no recovery time and you can resume your routine immediately (however, it is still recommended to avoid physical activity for three days after the injection treatments).

In addition, the patients who choose to have these treatments, mostly achieve satisfactory and fast results immediately after the first session, which means smoothing out the wrinkles and even making them disappear completely, with very few adverse effects.

There is an option of combining the injection of toxin used for relaxing the expression muscles with various viscos filling materials for providing additional volume and blur out fine lines.

This treatment does not require any special preparation, and the results achieved last for several months. After you receive a number of injections, the period of time between injections lengthens and the results last for longer.

As far as the disadvantages of the treatment, some patients may testify to mild adverse effects such as light swelling in the treated area, redness or a mild hematoma. However, these are rare occurrences, and for the most part do not constitute a nuisance or cause pain, and they heal quickly.

Aesthetic treatment without surgery at the Dr. Elman’s clinics network
Dr. Monica Elman heads the Dr. Elman’s clinics network, providing professional aesthetic and dermatological services, accompanied by unique service, individual care and attention to each customer. Our clinics offer injection treatments designed to smooth and fill facial skin wrinkles.

We believe that each customer requires a unique treatment approach, and to achieve this we take the time to discuss the client’s needs with him/her in a professional and comprehensive manner. This includes reviewing the client’s physical condition and medical history, providing professional explanations and information about the treatment at its various stages, its price and post treatment guidelines.

Our service areas
In the Center Region treatments are provided in our Tel Aviv and Rishon LeZion branches which serve the residents of Bat Yam, Holon, Givatayim, Herzliya, Nes Ziona and other cities in the Center Region. Our Haifa Branch serves the residents of the North and the Krayot areas.
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Are Botox injections (botulinum toxin type A, used to relax the muscles that form the mimic wrinkles) dangerous?

When used carefully and expertly, in the correct dosage, there is no danger whatsoever to the patient.

Are Botox injections a popular and well-known treatment?

It could be said that Botox injections have been the most popular treatment in the field of Aesthetical Medicine for the last two decades. Every day, a vast number of these injections are performed worldwide. In cases when Botox is injected in a larger than necessary amount, the eyelids may droop, therefore it’s essential to undergo treatments only with a qualified and experienced dermatologist. We make every effort to avoid such side effects. Dr Monica Elman and the staff of doctors, working within the approach that she developed, have vast experience in this particular treatment, and you may trust us without looking back.

How many injections are required to treat mimic wrinkles?

. In aesthetical medicine, we don’t count injections, but rather, treatment areas. Since each patient’s skin is different, the required amount of areas to be treated will differ from patient to patient

What areas receive injections to smooth out mimic wrinkles?

The mimic wrinkles are found in the upper third of the face, and are divided into three main areas.
1. By the sides of the eyes, small wrinkles known as “crow’s feet”.
2. Between the eyes by the bridge of the nose, also known as “wrinkles of worry”.
3. In the centre of the forehead, horizontal wrinkles that run from one side to the other.

In which area do you recommend to treat the mimic wrinkles?

Each patient’s skin is different due to a combination of factors, such as age, their genetic make up, medications, stress levels, etc. In order to establish which areas are in need of treatment, you are welcome to sign up for a personal consultation, which is provided at our clinics free of charge.

Is it possible to only treat one area?

. Yes. The treatment for smoothing out mimic wrinkles may be performed at one of two areas only, in accordance with the dermatologist’s opinion and the patient’s wishes.