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Smoothing out wrinkles with injection

The older we get, our face start to show the effects of gravity, exposure to sun light and years of daily use or our facial muscles. The sub skin tissues which keep it youth and freshness undergo a process of shrinkage, there is a sagging of the skin and a change occurs in the facial muscles which also become less tight.

These deepen the lines in our face, and even dimples lose their charm with the years and become wrinkles. I high dynamic mimicry areas, the wrinkles become deep and prominent.

You can find a variety of solutions in our clinics, such as: Injections to fill wrinkles, injections to smooth wrinkles, and a number of peeling types – each wrinkle and the optimal treatment for it.

Injections to fill wrinkles

Expression lines in the lower part of the face are treated with injection of various filling materials. Wrinkles and sunken areas of the face can be filled, these include deep facial wrinkles, “sunken” cheeks, skin dimples and some scars. We use face and biodegradable materials which naturally exist in our body, such as collagen.

The injections do not erase the wrinkles completely, however, they can be expected to fill and soften the visage. The injections do not constitute an alternative for a surgery, but only a supportive treatment which improves and refines in a speedy manner. In addition, fillers can be injected to the lips, and give them a fuller, more sensual look.

What can I expect from a wrinkles filling treatment?

The objective of the treatment is to fill the wrinkle or the scar, however you should know that the results are not permanent, and they are not injections to fight wrinkles. When talking about biodegradable materials, the injected material is absorbed and breaks down inside the body, and the wrinkle should be injected once every few months to once a year.

You should also know that the quantity of material required to fill in the same regional wrinkle, may differ from one person to another. We strive to fill the wrinkle in an optimal manner until reaching a satisfactory outcome.

Risk related to injections to fill wrinkles

When injections are performed with biodegradable materials and done by an accredited doctor, the complications are rare. Immediately post treatment a sensation of discomfort, or a local burn may appear at times. At times under the skin hematoma or redness may appear, these are absorbed and disappear within a few days.

Contrary to these, non biodegradable filling materials such as silicone, may shift from their position and cause damages and scars that may be long term. This is a rare phenomenon, but it exists. Since wrinkles are dynamic, over time additional injections are required. The use of material such as silicone may deprive us of this option.


The fillers used by us are composed of natural polysaccharide and / or collagen, which are natural compounds, and natural component of the human body, therefore, these materials are safe and for the most part do not cause allergic reactions or any other reactions.

Treating expression lines

For the purpose of smoothing out expression lines in the upper areas of the face, as well as in the neck area. For the most part we shall use an injectable material based on a natural toxin which has become very popular, since this the the only material which treats the main cause for the wrinkles.

The material injected to a specific area weakens the muscles in this region and they stop contracting for a while. And so, the expression lines disappear.

The results are noticable already after the first treatment. Since we are treating the source of the problem, the filling injections which are permanent, will reduce from the existing lines, and possible prevent new lines from appearing.

This treatment material has gained much success due to the minimal adverse effects and the ability to return to normal activity immediately after the injection.


  • For best results, inject about 6 to 8 weeks before an important event.
  • Avoid physical activity for three days following an injection treatment.

Combining treatments

Each one of the treatments can be done as a stand alone treatment, however, there is an option to combine treatments, such as combining between various types of injections (filling and smoothing expression lines), combining injections with laser treatments or even combining injections and peeling with facial surgeries.

Tips for skin maintenance

  • wearing glasses and reading glasses –wearing glasses and reading glasses prevents squinting, and this, in turn, prevents the appearance of fine lines in the eyes and nose areas.
  • Smoking –even if you have not stopped smoking due to the obvious medical benefits, remember that the cigarette, when pulling on it, causes contraction of the lips and causing fine lines in the skin above the lips.
  • Using moisturizing lotion –helps considerably in preserving the skin, maintaining its flexibility and preventing dryness. The various creams you may use do not prevent the appearance of wrinkles, however, they assist in masking and blurring them.
  • Exposure to the sun –reduce and avoid as much as possible. The sun’s radiation constitutes the main source of facial wrinkles appearance. If you cannot avoid exposure to the sun, use protective lotion with sunscreen.
What is the difference between injectable wrinkle fillers and dermal fillers?

Wrinkles are caused by loss of volume and muscle contraction.
As a result of the changes taking place in the skin after age 30, when the face begins to lose its volume as a result of muscles changes and bones shifting, such as receding of the angles of the brow, nose, and upper jaw bones. The length and height of the lower jaw decrease, as well. All these, combined with the pull of gravity contribute to the tired appearance of the skin, its dull colour and wrinkles. The loss of volume could be reversed by injecting materials which resemble the connective tissue by their physical qualities, therefore the result appears completely natural. We must make a distinction between wrinkles and volume loss. The later requires a greater amount of material being injected, as well as its greater viscosity. Some wrinkles are caused by movement of the facial muscles, so we use materials of reduces viscosity to allow the areas in face to remain flexible.

Which area is most advisable for injections?

Each filler treatment is different, depending on the patient’s skin condition, their medical history, genetic tendencies, gender, age, the extent of the sun damage to the skin, etc. The decision is made by the medical staff together with the patient, in accordance with their personal preferences and wishes. One patient will find it necessary to fill out the cheek area, whereas another would prefer the eyes are to be treated first.

Which brand is the best for volume renewal and face sculpting?

Here at Dr Elman’s clinics network we use a wide variety of materials for face sculpting, depending on the patient’s individual needs. We use only the leading brands, which meet the strictest standards, such as the FDA in the US and the CE in Europe. (Among the brands we use are Juvederm, Restylane, Teosyal, Stylage)

What does the volume filler contain?

Most components used for filling volume are based on hyaluronic acid, which is a natural compound found in human body. Its levels in the body in general and in the face in particular decrease with age. Besides hyaluronic acid, various makes tend to include nutrients, which provide additional moisture, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, which improve the result of the treatment and improve the state of the skin long-term. There are also calcium-based compounds for better sculpting. The compound choice is a decision made by the professional staff, with the final decision being always up to the patient themselves.

Why is there such a large gap between prices at different clinics?

The prices of the fillers are nearly the same for the doctors. Besides that, each doctor puts a price on his labor, and includes that into the final cost. Here, at Dr. Elman’s clinics, we make sure to keep the prices affordable and competitive, all the while using quality materials, the best out of what’s currently available in the world. Please note: when you hear of such low prices, that they sound too good to be true, perhaps they really aren’t. There are materials of inferior quality, which do not measure up to the required quality standards. As we have seen in various research papers, some of those are not even approved by the Israeli Health Ministry. Using such materials might give you a very short-lived result, yet it might cause unwanted side effects. We recommend our customers to avoid using such cheap alternatives for the sake of their own health.